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We are believers in the environmental movement. We are not perfect, but we try to be as “green” as possible :) Every day we try to do a little bit more and be a little bit better!

*We use 100% recycled, chlorine-free processed paper for our business cards, receipts/invoices, and stationary. We also use natural, recycled, and vintage fibres in our handmade items.

*All of our fabrics are washed in a high efficiency washing machine using biodegradable laundry detergent. We use a clothesline for drying as much as possible.

*We use all of our fabric scraps, and if there are any really small scraps left over, we use them as the stuffing for throw pillows or stuffed toys. We have also used them as the stuffing for pincushions.

*All orders are shipped in envelopes that are made from 100% recycled, chlorine-free processed paper and we reuse envelopes and boxes whenever possible. We choose not to add extra packaging to our shipments, but will sometimes wrap our items in tissue paper that has been sent to us in other packages for the purpose of reusing them. These are recyclable.

*We either walk or bike to the post office to mail out our items. When we drive, we drive a hybrid that averages 51 MPG.

*Anything we cannot reuse, we recycle.

Here are a few things we do in our studio to help minimize our environmental impact:
*We use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
*We turn the lights off if we're leaving the room.
*We switch off the electric supply to all electronics when not in use.
*We do not turn on the air conditioning/heating unless we really need to.
*In the winter, we seal the windows to cut down on heat loss.

Do you have any eco tips to share with us? Please drop us a line!